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Young Entrepreneur Needs Help To Launch Conservative Social Media Network

A young entrepreneur who’s “sick and tired” of the censorship efforts by billionaires running Silicon Valley recently started a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to launch a new social media network aimed at giving conservatives a “a booming online space for patriots, made by patriots.”

Addison Riddleberger, the 21-year-old tech entrepreneur behind the effort, made a compelling case in his fundraising pitch that conservatives (and libertarians) need access to a social network where they don’t have to worry about their posts being deleted or “ghosted,” — which has happened to thousands of users on various networks, including well known conservative speakers.

“We respect and cherish the Constitution of the United States. We will protect our individual freedoms and in order to do that on this digital battlefront, conservatives across this great nation (and the world) need a new home base on the internet to share their opinions and ideas online,” Riddleberger wrote.

The site, according to Riddleberger’s post, will be called “Patriot Chat.”

The GoFundMe campaign aims to initially raise $25,000, which according to his plan would be used for typical expenses like website development, website hosting, graphic design, copy writing and app development. These are all common costs for tech start-ups and without knowing a millionaire liberal in Silicon Valley, can be hard to come up with.

He’s asking conservatives who are sick of being censored by the larger social networks to chip in a few bucks to help get his patriotic project off the ground and running.

As far as we can tell, we haven’t seen any other conservative group or company make an attempt to launch a conservative-friendly social networking site, so Riddleberger is definitely on to something here and we’re excited to help spread the word.

The young entrepreneur concludes his investor pitch with something all conservatives should take a moment and absorb.

“To conclude, just imagine what a network of uncensored conservatives could mean for the future of America. The generations that come after us will feel  — physically, emotionally, and financially — the ramifications of cultural Marxism if we don’t take it upon ourselves to fight back against the media empires that dominate our lives today,” he wrote.

And he’s exactly right.  It’s time to make a move like this as we’re at a critical moment in time where it’s necessary to fight back before the leftists censor our thoughts and speech into the ground.

Check out his GoFundMe page and consider donating a few bucks to help this smart young man tackle his patriotic dreams.



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