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Yeti Turned On American Gun Owners… Now We’re Turning On Them

Isn’t it fascinating how some companies make such knee-jerk reactions to appease some phony political ideal after a sick tragedy like a mass shooting? Especially when companies buck the Second Amendment, knowing darn good and well their core customer base are most certainly not liberal tree huggers.

That would be the case with Yeti — maker of the $350 cooler. They decided to cut ties with the NRA. So NRA members (which number in the millions and are typically the ones with enough disposable income to afford Yeti products) are showing Yeti how they feel about that — with explosives, hammers, guns and more. #BoycottYeti is alive and well.

Breitbart reports:

On April 21 Breitbart News reported on a NRA-ILA statement which said Yeti Coolers had cut ties with the NRA Foundation.

The statement, written by former NRA president and USF executive director Marion Hammer, said, “Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI has declined to do business with The NRA Foundation saying they no longer wish to be an NRA vendor, and refused to say why. They will only say they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation.”

The response began as whisper, then morphed into a scream and quickly took the form of #BoycottYeti movement on Twitter. Now the response is characterized by videos of people shooting, slicing, or otherwise destroying Yeti Cooler products while proclaiming allegiance to the NRA.

WBTW reported that Hartsville, South Carolina, resident Bryan Atkinson loaded his Yeti Cooler with 22 pounds of Tannerite and proclaimed, “This Yeti ain’t ready.”

He said, “Yeti can’t stand behind the NRA, I ain’t standing behind Yeti no more.”

Atkinson’s called out, “Hashtag Yeti, Hashtag NRA, Hashtag AR-15,” then had his friend take the Yeti out in a middle of field and set down the cooler. Atkinson hit it with the second shot and the explosion was huge.

On April 23 the owner of a Yeti camouflage hat responded to Yeti cutting ties with the NRA Foundation by cutting the Yeti logo off his hat. While cutting, the owner can be heard saying, “This is what we think of Yeti, cutting your logo off this hat.”

At Florida’s Aegis Tactical, “Joe” mentioned Yeti cutting ties with the NRA foundation then placed a Yeti tumbler in a shooting lane and fired shot after shot into it. Before shooting it he mentioned that he had acquired the tumbler from Leopold and his hope is that Leopold will quit using Yeti products:

There are numerous other online videos of people blowing up Yetis, shooting holes in them, crushing them or cutting them in half. Moreover, on April 22 Breitbart News reported that a #BoycottYeti movement erupted on Twitter following news of the cooler company’s break from the NRA Foundation.

On April 23 Yeti released a statement in which they claimed the NRA-ILA statement about Yeti and the NRA Foundation is “inaccurate.” The cooler company said it is “unwavering in [their] belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment”:

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