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Woman Reports “Confederate Flag” On Neighbors House… Except It Wasn’t One

The primary problem that liberals have when dealing with certain subjects — such as firearms — is that they literally have no clue what they’re talking about. And it’s totally OK to not know about something — like guns — just don’t pretend that you do.

I wouldn’t walk into a mechanic’s shop and attempt to talk about fixing cars because to the mechanic, I’d probably sound pretty stupid.

If you don’t understand something, don’t pretend that you do, which is what this moronic liberal needed a lesson in after calling the police on his neighbor…

Daily Caller reports:

A Seattle, Washington resident recently made headlines by mistaking the Norwegian flag for the Confederate flag.

According to The Seattle Times, author Rebecca Morris sent a tip to the paper that read, “Hi. Suddenly there is a Confederate flag flying in front of a house in my Greenwood neighborhood. It is at the north-east corner of 92nd and Palatine, just a block west of 92nd and Greenwood Ave N. I would love to know what this ‘means’ … but of course don’t want to knock on their door. Maybe others in the area are flying the flag? Maybe it’s a story? Thank you.”

However, when a reporter checked out the flag’s location, it was actually a Norwegian flag that had been put up by a Norwegian-American man for the Olympics.

This incident is reflective of a lot of things, but mistaking innocent symbols for symbols of racism isn’t exactly unprecedented.

In 2016, someone sent the Indiana University campus into a frenzy by tweeting, “IU students, be careful, there’s someone walking around in KKK gear with a whip.”

The person in “KKK gear,” however, turned out to be a Dominican monk wearing a robe.

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