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Woman Reduced To Tears While Thanking Trump For Life-Changing “Gift”

When President Trump spearheaded our nation’s most impactful tax reform bill ever created, blue-collar, hard-working Americans almost immediately reaped the benefits. Even liberals and Trump-haters benefited from the reform, but they still trashed the President because, well, that’s the hip thing to do if you’re a crunchy hipster.

During a roundtable discussion in St. Louis, we were taken aback by the raw emotion of a woman who literally broke down into tears on national television while thanking Mr. Trump for what he did to help her.

This was pure and good and you can tell by the President’s reaction that he was moved as well. It’s really amazing that the attack-Trump media can manage to say negative things about his tax reform bill when we have actual proof (just check your paychecks!) that it’s doing nothing but great things!

Fox News reports:

A teary-eyed college cafeteria worker thanked President Donald Trump at a roundtable discussion in Missouri Wednesday, saying she put her unexpected bonus into her savings.

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Bonnie Brazzeal said she was “very thankful” for the bonus, and put it toward her retirement.

Brazzeal, other employees and business leaders joined Trump at the discussion at the Boeing facility in St. Louis.

The meeting focused on Trump’s tax plan, and the employees shared their stories of how the extra money they received has helped them.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg also praised the president for his support for American manufacturing jobs.

Watch more above.

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