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Wife Of Deportee Praises Trump For Deporting Her Illegal Alien Husband

While the liberal media would have you believe that every legal and illegal immigrant in America is anti-Trump, that couldn’t be further from the truth. President Trump has tremendous support from minority communities that other politicians would kill for.

This was evidenced this week by the wife of an illegal alien who was deported back to Mexico. Her thoughts on Trump’s policies on illegal immigration and specifically what happened to her husband were right on the mark.

Breitbart reports:

A U.S. citizen whose husband had been deported appeared on CNN Tuesday to defend the Trump administration’s decision to send her husband back to Mexico.

As Cindy Garcia told CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin about her husband’s life in Mexico and how the family is proceeding with his case, she mentioned that the Trump administration is merely trying to “protect” the U.S. from criminals.

Although Garcia said she wishes the U.S. could change the current immigration laws, she did not express anger with immigration officials for enforcing the law.

“I am not upset at our government due to the fact that I am a U.S. citizen and that our laws come first,” Garcia said. “Our laws are just broken and need to be fixed, but I can’t be mad at Trump for doing his job, because that is his job to protect us, as U.S. citizens, from criminals.”

Garcia added that criminals in the U.S. illegally need to be sent back to their countries of origin so that officials do not target people like her husband for deportation.

“For the criminals that have come here illegally, they need to go back,” Garcia said.

Immigration officials escorted Garcia’s husband, Jorge, through Detroit Metropolitan Airport’s security gates and deported him to Mexico in January after spending almost 30 years living in Michigan illegally.

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