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WHOA: CNN’s Biggest Liberal Turns Against Dems With Embarrassing Admission

CNN has their fair share of ultra-liberal talking heads, but perhaps the most known (and mostly annoying) one is former Obama adviser Van Jones. Never in my life would I have put money on Van Jones spewing even a molecule of truth, but it just happened yesterday.

And make no mistake — his colleagues are probably stewing with liberal rage over it.

Fox News reports:

“The Five” reacted to CNN commentator and former Obama adviser Van Jones, who said his fellow liberals spend “so much time freaking out about… everything [President Donald] Trump does.”

Jones said that the left “exhausts” itself by claiming every action of Trump’s they find distasteful is the worst thing to happen yet.

Jones said that too many people think that “every day [under Trump] is Armageddon, that when somebody comes in who might bring us Armageddon, we’re out of adjectives.”

The panel on “The Five” largely agreed with Jones’ contention.


Jesse Watters said Jones’ statement is illustrated in the fact Democrats were “outraged” over a meme that showed Trump “bodyslamming” a humanoid figure with a CNN logo for a head.

Watters said they were just as similarly outraged when Trump shepherded the repeal of the ObamaCare individual mandate, which has more real-life repercussions than a photoshopped video from a wrestling match.

Dana Perino agreed, saying Jones is giving “very good” free advice to his party going into the 2018 midterms.

Greg Gutfeld remarked that Jones is showing that the Democrats are too often “the party who cried wolf.”

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