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What These Pro-Gun Activists Handed Out Gave Liberals a STROKE

Most anti-gun liberals, who literally haven’t a clue about modern firearms (other than what they see in movies and TV, which is often grossly inaccurate), are not happy about a particular pro-gun rally that took place at a Vermont rally this weekend.

What an awesome idea to take a stand against upcoming anti-gun legislation…

Fox News has the story:

Gun rights activists were handing out high-capacity magazines at a rally outside the Vermont State House on Saturday to protest new legislation that would ban them and increase gun control in the state.

Hundreds of protesters gathered to urge Republican Gov. Phil Scott not to sign a new bill that would ban high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, expand background checks for private gun sales and raise the legal age for gun purchases.

The measure was approved by the State House earlier this week and then again by the Senate on Friday in a 17-13 vote.

Protesters were handed nearly 1,200 high-capacity magazines, which hold 30 rounds of ammunition. A standard-capacity magazine holds around 10 rounds, according to, though this can vary.

If the bill is signed by Scott, those who already own high-capacity magazines will be allowed to keep them.

Scott has indicated that he intends to sign the bill, and though he understands the disappointment of some in Vermont, he has faith that they will “get accustomed to the new normal.”

“I think at the end of the day,” he said, “they’ll soon learn that what we have proposed, what’s being passed at this time, doesn’t intrude upon the Second Amendment. It doesn’t take away guns, and I believe that we will get accustomed to the new normal, which is trying to address this underlying violence that we are seeing across the nation.”

The extensive gun legislation package came after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting on Feb. 14, in which 17 people were killed by a young gunman.

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