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Watch: Tucker Just Ripped Up Anthem-Kneeling “Pampered Millionaires”

While most news hosts and reporters will do their best to remain silent on the issue of spoiled-rotten millionaire athletes disrespecting the National Anthem, Tucker Carlson took the opposite approach. He held NOTHING back.

Do you think Carlson was 100% accurate in his assessment of the situation? Watch below.

Daily Caller reports:

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went off on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem, characterizing the “pampered millionaires” as “disgusting.”

Carlson stated, “In Washington, D.C. last night, virtually every player on the Raiders sat in protest as a military Army guard carried an American flag onto the field. Now, the sight of pampered millionaires giving the rhetorical finger to the country that made them rich is obviously disgusting, so it was no surprise that in stadiums across America fans booed when they saw this.”

Tucker also called out the difference in left-wing tolerance for free speech of liberal athletes versus tolerance for free speech of conservatives.

“Free speech lectures are a little hard to take from the very people who routinely shut down the political speech of their opponents,” Carlson said.

Tucker later said, “When our elites attack our national symbols as if they are worthless and loathesome, something important, something monumental has changed here. If the people who benefited most from America despise it — and increasingly they do — where does that leave the rest of us?”


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