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WATCH: Room Erupts After Gohmert Destroys Smug, ‘Smirking’ Strzok

Many Republicans had their chance to utterly destroy smug FBI agent Peter Strozk, but perhaps the most nuclear grilling came from Rep. Louis Gohmert, who pulled zero punches as he put Strozk’s questionable credibility on the line.

The smirking agent was visually stunned and upset after Gohmert completely ripped him apart like we’ve never seen in any Congressional hearing in the history of the United States government. This was something that while technically “out of order,” needed to be said so the American people can make up their mind about this lying, delusional FBI representative who has single-handedly stained the entire agency.

Hannity reports:

GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert utterly unloaded on anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok during a fiery exchange before Congress Thursday; trashing the “smirking” DOJ official for his outright lies regarding his personal text messages.

Gohmert called-out Strzok to his face as he appeared before the House Judiciary Committee, saying “you have come in here and say, ‘I had no bias’ and you do it with a straight face.”

The GOP legislator refused to withdraw his comments, doubling-down and saying Strzok was “not a member of Congress” and it’s “not a violation of the rule.”

The fiery exchange sparked a fierce backlash from Democrats on the Committee, with one going so far as to question whether Gohmert has gone “off his medication.”

Watch the explosive exchange above.

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