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WATCH: Punk NFL Player Caught Making SICK Insult Against Referee

Look, we get it. Things get heated in sports at all levels. But from a league who has made their stand on fighting back against “injustice,” it’s more than a tad hypocritical that these guys are slinging out insults that the liberal politically correct left would otherwise deem inappropriate.

But since it’s overpaid NFL players doing it, apparently it’s OK.

Total Pro Sports reports:

In 2017, cameras are everywhere and they will catch every heated confrontation on a football field. But when emotions run high, some players tend to forget that and things get seen by an audience that they didn’t intend for them to see.

Marqise Lee made that mistake on Sunday and he’s going to learn his lesson the hard way, as I’m sure the league is going to contact the Jaguars wide receiver after cameras caught him unleashing a homophobic slur during a tirade on the sideline.

As you can see, his rant was directed at a member of the referring crew.

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