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WATCH: Internet Goes Bonkers Over Woman Stealing Tip Off Table

As if people don’t work hard enough these days, especially those forced to work in the serving business — it ain’t glamorous but for many, it keep the bills paid. That is, until some freeloading piece of crap steals your earnings right off the table…

WHNT reports:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Surveillance footage showing a woman stealing a $20 tip off the table at Memphis restaurant has sparked outrage online.

A family left the tip on the table at Casa Mexicana, according to WREG. The woman can be seen looking over before she takes the money and stuffs it down her shirt.

She and the man she was with left the restaurant before the waiter realized his tip was missing.

The waiter told WREG he is upset at the theft.

Anyone with information on the woman in the video can contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

WATCH the thief below:

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