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WATCH: Broward County Sheriff Taunts Reporter After Democrat Meetings

The now-infamous Broward County Sheriff Israel is in the headlines again after attending Democrat meetings and taunting the local reporter who asked him tough questions about why he was playing politics and attending such a meeting.

DailyWire reports:

This week, a local news affiliate in Florida continued to press Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel about last month’s deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Israel responded by dodging questions and even going as far as to taunt the reporter who allegedly caught him politicking at the Weston Democratic Club.

Local 10 News reporter Bob Norman writes:

Israel visited the club at a Wings Plus restaurant, where he was said to have blamed partisan Republican politics for the criticism against his agency after it was learned that deputies failed to enter the school while students and staff were being gunned down at the school.

Israel, who participated in CNN’s one-sided town hall event, refused to take any responsibility for the inaction of deputies and the numerous red flags that were missed with the shooter in a follow-up interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, claiming, “I’ve given amazing leadership.”

When Norman tracked down Israel and continued pressing him for answers about the shooting, Israel responded that he was disappointed in Norman’s “constant reporting” and “misrepresentations.” Yet, when asked what misrepresentations Norman had made, Israel couldn’t name any.

Norman later caught Israel attending a meeting with a group of Democrats, where he reportedly blamed Republicans for the criticism that he has received.

When confronted on why he was spending time playing politics instead of working on the Parkland case, Israel once again attacked Norman’s reporting.

“If you’re disappointed in me, I think there’s a lot of people disappointed in you,” Norman responded.

“You know, I disagree with you,” Israel said.

“You haven’t heard?” Norman replied. “About the country being disappointed in you and the [Broward Sheriff’s Office]?”

“No, not at all,” Israel continued. “My job is to protect and serve the Broward County residents.”

Before getting into a vehicle and driving away, Israel appeared to taunt Norman, saying “You seem to be getting angry right now.”

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