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WATCH: Anti-Gun Marching Activists Are Literally Clueless About Gun Laws

The problem with every anti-gun person I’ve encountered — even intelligent family members and friends — have one thing in common… they know little to nothing about firearms. I don’t judge them for not knowing and I don’t think any differently.

I grew up on a farm and served in the military, they might have grown up in suburbia or the city and never had access to guns. No problem. But DO NOT argue against guns or gun laws if YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THEM. Because it makes you look really, really stupid.

That’s the part of this that kills me. I would love to debate a liberal who actually has real experience with shooting and with gun control laws. But I’ve yet to find one and likely never will. Because if they had firearms experience and were familiar with gun laws, there’s a 99.9% chance they wouldn’t be anti-gun.

And these silly teenagers out marching that the media is exploiting for political purposes… well, it’s pretty bad. Look how clueless they are…

DailyWire reports:

On Saturday, people across the country took to the streets to protest gun rights in connection with the organized March Against Our Lives demonstration in Washington, D.C.

Reporter Austin Fletcher, known as Fleccas, hit up downtown Los Angeles to see what these “common sense” solutions to blunt gun violence were all about. Of course, most of the protesters threw out lovely platitudes but had no real solutions, were deeply confused about current gun policy, and scoffed at the idea that a good guy with a gun could stop a criminal with a gun.

“The NRA is a terrorist organization,” said one protester who rocked a black “F*** Trump” t-shirt. He added that the gun rights organization with over 5 million members is on par with the Islamic State.

Some of the protesters who didn’t outright tell the truth about the desire to confiscate guns assured the public that this march was not about taking away guns or abolishing the Second Amendment. They did this right before they cited Australia, a country whose government had a mandatory gun buyback. So…

And the logic about violence was airtight.

“It’s okay when we kill each other when you’re trying to fight for your country, or your land, or fr—, but when it comes to me shooting you, it’s a crime?” said one female protester.

What if a man with a gun broke into your home, asked Fleccas. “wouldn’t you be at a disadvantage” without a gun?

“Indeed,” replied one woman, “but that’s just the bad luck of my life.”

If you die, you die.

Other protesters stated their desire for the U.S. to ban fully automatic weapons, which are already banned, and were confused about the difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons.

“The public doesn’t need machine guns; they don’t need automatic weapons,” said one man.

When he was told this was already a reality, the protester responded, “Assault weapons, dude.” He then swiftly left to go “march.”

That was actually a common theme in the video. When, Fleccas would counter their lofty arguments with facts, these extreme protesters were suddenly in a hurry to get out of there. Weird.

And what about protecting our schools with an armed, trained security guard, just as we protect our airports and banks? This was apparently an appalling suggestion.

“F*** no,” said one protester to the idea.

This is “not a priority,” answered another woman.

“Our schools aren’t prisons,” was another refrain.

One protester contested, “It doesn’t actually make us safer to have armed security officers.”

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