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Virginia-Based Imam Claims America Will Soon Be a “Muslim Nation”

While the religion of Islam is the second-largest in the world (usually running about 10% behind Christianity), the United States is predominantly Christian. Always has been, and always will be… that is, unless you ask this Imam who claims that America will not always be a Christian-based country.

DailyWire reports:

A Virginia-based imam who appears to hold the Trump Administration in contempt told his listeners that America has “great potential” and that he believed that “it will be a Muslim nation.” Imam Sulaiman Jallo gives English-language sermons in several mosques, including Dar Al Noor in Manassas, Virginia.

Imam Sulaiman Jalloh started by ripping the Trump Administration, stating:

What has happened to the rachma in the hearts of mankind when children are detained in the borders of the country that hails itself to be the freest nation, the country that hails itself as the beacon of light on top of a hill for the rest of the world to see as an example? What happened when we as a nation exit the United Nations Human Rights Council? It means our record is so stained we do not even have the integrity and the honor to show our faces there to tell people what is human rights.

He continued, “What’s in the mind of someone so depraved to think that a child is worth imprisonment?”


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