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VICTORY: Cowboys Listen To Angry Fans In Stunning Turn Of Events…

After intense pressure, including massive pressure from angry fans, several NFL teams are announcing that they’ll stand for the National Anthem this coming Sunday.

Last week, “America’s team,” the Dallas Cowboys, ticked off millions across the country when the entire team, including owner Jerry Jones, took a knee before the anthem began playing. It was a horrible PR move and it backfired in their face.

That changed this week with a bombshell announcement made just minutes ago.

Breitbart reports:

Goodbye interlocked arms, farewell raised fists, and see you later bended knee. The Dallas Cowboys will have no further use for those things because, starting Sunday, the Cowboys will simply stand during the anthem for the rest of the season.
That’s the word coming from Cowboys wide receiver and team leader Dez Bryant, who told Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, that the Cowboys are done with anthem demonstrations.

“We’re going to stand, we’re going to stand and going to put our hand over our heart and we’re going to do what we did before,” Bryant said. “You all know what that was, that was just a response to Trump and that’s all that that was.”

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones had emphasized how “torn” he was over the decision of how to handle the team’s conduct during the anthem last Sunday. Eventually, the Cowboys decided to kneel just before the playing of the anthem, and stand for the actual playing of the anthem.

Bryant emphasized that he’s past all the issues stemming from President Trump’s comments and how to react to them. Instead, he and the Cowboys are ready to move on: “I’m going to leave that all in the past,” Bryant said. “You know, it is what it is. I’m focused on this week. I’m letting that … I don’t even want to think about it. I’m done with that.”

Good, because everyone else is done with it too.

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