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VFW Hall Takes Major Stand Against Disrespectful NFL Players

More and more businesses and VFW halls are mounting a rebellion against the NFL until they take appropriate action that requires NFL players to stand for the national anthem. They don’t have to salute or put their hands on their hearts — just STAND.

Show some respect for the country that afforded you the opportunity to throw a silly ball for millions of dollars!

KTVQ reports: 

BILLINGS – The Veterans of Foreign Wars club in south Billings did not show the Patriots and the Buccaneers on Thursday night in response to protests by NFL players.

Veterans at the club said they don’t like players kneeling during the National Anthem but understand their right to protest.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1634 has not been showing NFL games since Sunday.

A VFW House Committee voted to stop showing games because some NFL players have chosen to not stand for the National Anthem and honor the flag.

Veterans say respecting the flag is in the U.S. Code.

The new policy has drawn support from veterans and non-veterans who socialize at the VFW.

“It’s everything that we represented when we were overseas or wherever we were at,” said James Koch, VFW Post 1634 Commander. “And if they’re disrespecting that, they’re disrespecting us.”

“Can they protest at an NFL game, kneel down, not come out of the tunnel, not stand?” asked Jerry Hudson, quarter master for VFW Post 1634. “I cannot say. To me it is showing disrespect to the U.S. flag. That’s my personal feeling..”

The policy will be in effect until further notice.

NASCAR, Major League Baseball, the NBA and the National Hockey League can still be watched at the VFW.

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