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Veteran-Owned Coffee Company DESTROYS Liberals In New Commercial

It’s so rare these days to see a company that isn’t scared of it’s own politically correct shadow. Black Rifle Coffee Company, one of our favorite brands of coffee, just outdid themselves with another awesome, non-PC commercial.

Warning: If you share this with liberal friends and family, they may have a total mental breakdown.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Today’s hypersensitive snowflake world of boycotts and mass protests over seemingly unimportant things has led many a company to remain silent for fear of retribution from the the left.

But one company that’s quite literally sticking to its guns and could not care less about the virtue signaling and faux outrage is veteran owned Black Rifle Coffee.

Without a doubt, the following commercial, featuring owner Evan Hafer will lead to mass triggerings from coast to coast.

Definitely worth watching (** Strong Language **):

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