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Unexpected Poll Shows The NFL Is Already Nosediving For 2018 Season

The NFL probably thought the worst of the National Anthem controversy was behind them, having taken an absolute beating in the ratings last season by ticked-off conservative fans.

But they thought wrong. Due to a variety of circumstances, including public condemnation from President Trump, the NFL is set for a dismal season… one that could shake the very foundation of their multi-billion-dollar empire.

DailyWire reports:

It seems that the NFL instituting a policy to stand for the National Anthem has not increased the organization’s popularity.

According to a Fox News poll, the National Football League has low favorability, with less than half the country viewing them favorably.

“The NFL’s popularity continues to lose ground, with 42% viewing the league favorably, down from 46% in 2017 and 64% in 2013,” reports Fox News.

For the first time in history (thanks leftism), the National Football League has a higher negative favorability (43%) than a positive one.

Despite that, the NFL’s recent policy regarding the National Anthem has a high approval rating at 61%; the unfavorable rating most likely stems from the fact that the NFL waited so long to institute what should have been already in place. When Colin Kaepernick began his social justice crusade against the flag by kneeling for the National Anthem, the NFL gave him no pushback.

Only 33% of Americans disagree with the NFL’s policy of requiring “players who are on the field before games to stand during the national anthem.”

Those numbers break down along party and racial lines. Roughly 56% of black voters hate the new policy as opposed to 28% of white voters. For Democrats, 54% disapprove compared to just 10% of Republicans.

“Recent controversies — the handling of sexual assault cases, brain trauma controversies, the anthem issue — seem to have taken a toll on attitudes toward the NFL as an institution,” says Republican Pollster Daron Shaw. “These attitudes don’t necessarily mean people won’t watch or go to games, but they are clearly a cause for concern among NFL officials.”

However, the NFL has not lost its base, with 64% of self-identified football fans saying they view them favorably compared to 31% unfavorable.

Another Fox News poll showed that political correctness has hurt the country and “gone too far.”

By a 68-19 percent margin, the latest Fox News poll finds voters feel political correctness has ‘gone too far.’ That’s about the same as last fall when it was 66-23% (September 2017).

And voters see fallout: nearly half, 46%, think political or business leaders ‘frequently’ make bad decisions because they are worried about being politically correct, and another 34% feel it happens ‘sometimes.’ Fifteen percent think it’s ‘not very often’ or ‘hardly ever.’

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