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Ultra-Liberal Fashion Show Features “Pregnant” Male Models

These are the types of stories that I hate to report, but feel it necessary so that our readers know exactly what’s happening in the world of liberalism. Before, it was annoying, but tolerable. Now, it’s downright disgusting and even dangerous for future generations.

This “baby fashion show” is just one of many circuses being run by liberals, and all I can say is that I missed my late grandfather more than anything, but I’m sure glad he’s not here to see this crap.

These kinds of situations are being normalized, and they want our children and grandchildren to think it’s normal. If it weren’t for alternative opinions (like our website and others on the right), this might become normalized a lot sooner.

Let’s pray that doesn’t happen…

DailyWire reports:

“We’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy,” Chinese fashion designer Xander Zhou said in the promotion of his latest line-up at London Men’s Fashion Week.

Using a series of largely androgynous-looking males, the designer featured what appears to be the first ever “pregnant” male model, complete with a fake baby bump and a T-shirt declaring “New World Baby”:

Below are some of the other Xander Zhou “new world” men, some of whom also appear to be sporting baby bumps:

Along with the biologically impossible pregnant male, Xander Zhou gave viewers a look at a freaky deaky six-armed man.

Responses to the “pregnant man” series, at least online, haven’t been too hot. One user’s comments to AFP’s coverage summed up a lot of the reaction: “Men cannot get pregnant. You can sort that out in high school.”

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