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Tucker Shoots Down Anti-Gun Whacko During Explosive Interview

Tucker Carlson is an absolute killer when it comes to shutting down liberals. We’ve never not been impressed by his intellect, wit and overall political badassery when it comes to a one-0n-0ne sit down with a representative from the other side.

And even better? He’s actually fair. If there’s something about the right he doesn’t like, he has zero problem calling it out. I respect that. But what he did to this anti-gun Democrat is a whole new level of what we like to call, “getting Tuckered.”

Daily Caller reports:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Democratic Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes enthusiastically debated new gun control measures Wednesday night on Fox News.

The segment opened with Carlson, co-founder of The Daily Caller, reading comments Himes made on CNN Monday.

“So, in Australia — and you hear this a lot from the left — 650,000 guns were confiscated from citizens, and that’s what you are calling for,” Carlson opened. “Who would do that? Who would take those guns in this country?”

“No. That’s not what I’m calling for, Tucker,” Himes countered. “Australia is a pretty good example because after the massacre of 35 of its citizens in Port Arthur in 1996 they implemented a whole series. And I don’t usually agree with you, Tucker, but you’re right. This is a complicated problem.”

The debate continued until Himes accused Carlson of twisting his CNN comments, specifically in regard to potential confiscation of firearms owned by U.S. citizens.

“Just to be clear, don’t paint me as a demagogue,” the Fox News host shot back at Himes. “You just said this two days ago on CNN, and you pointed specifically to a country that got rid of gun violence because they got rid of guns. I think it’s a fair question to ask when you point to Australia, why are you not calling for confiscation because that’s the core thing they did?”

“First of all, Australia did not get rid of guns. There are still a lot of guns in Australia,” Himes countered. “You keep talking about Australia. I never called for confiscation.”

“You were the one talking about Australia not me,” Carlson pressed onward.

Himes argues that “not all of those changes” implemented by Australia “would apply in the United States, and I’m not calling for that.”

“Like taking them away by force from the population?” Tucker interjected.

“No, that was a part of the bill that I’m not calling for and frankly almost nobody is calling for confiscation,” Himes countered.

“Right, other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” Carlson threw out, eliciting a laugh from Connecticut congressman in the process.

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