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Trump Embarrasses Pelosi During Latino Coalition Speech

President Donald Trump uses every possible opportunity he gets to expose the hypocritical, corrupt Democrats in both houses of Congress — especially Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who we’re not even sure half the time if she knows where she’s at.

After all, she’s referred to Trump as “President Bush” on no less than 5 recent occasions.

Trump took a few moments to lay into the shaky ol’ gal during an important speech to the Latino community, and it was absolutely classic! We have a feeling she’s going to sorely regret the “crumbs” remark until the day she retires or is booted out of public office…

Daily Caller reports:

President Donald Trump took an overt shot at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi during his Wednesday speech at the Latino Coalition Legislative Summit.

“That is a lot of money, no matter where you’re coming from,” Trump said in reference to the tax cuts he signed into law in 2017. “It is the biggest tax cut reform in American history.”

“We got no Democrat votes, by the way, not one. Now they are all saying, maybe we should have voted. Do you notice that they are having second thoughts?” he continued. “At the heart of our planet itself is the tremendous relief for working families and small businesses.”

“A typical family of four earning $75,000 a year will see an income tax cut of more than $2,000,” POTUS added. “That’s not crumbs. Slashing their tax bill in half.”

Trump’s crumbs comment was a clear dig at Pelosi’s preferred line of attack for criticizing the tax cuts.

The California Democrat has repeatedly referred to the $1,000 bonuses many companies have opted to give employees in light of the cuts as “crumbs.”

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