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Tom Brady Finally Breaks Silence On National Anthem Protest

Some of the NFL’s biggest stars, including Tom Brady, withheld commenting on the National Anthem protest controversy and honestly we can’t really blame them. From a business perspective, they couldn’t afford to start internal civil wars, as it would undoubtedly affect what they’re paid to do on the field.

Having said that, some have emerged after the season and answered questions about the controversy, including Brady. His answer, however, wasn’t very meaty. As a matter of fact, he sounded like a politician dancing around a smoking hot issue without going one way or another.

It’ll be interesting to see the reaction to his thoughts on the matter…

Breitbart reports:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shed some light on the effect the National Anthem protests have had in his locker room.

Brady said Monday on CBS’s “The Late Show” that the protests “brought up a lot of healthy discussion in the locker room” and allowed him to hear stories from teammates with different backgrounds and cultures.

“On our team, there wasn’t too much [protesting], but I thought it brought up a lot of healthy discussion in the locker room,” Brady told host Stephen Colbert. “I think the great thing about sports is that it brings a lot of guys together — a lot of guys from all over the country, from all different backgrounds and cultures. I have such a healthy respect for the guys that I play with. It’s great to hear their stories, too.”

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