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This Pro-Gun Parkland Shooting Survivor Just Beat Out Everyone In His Class

David Hogg, the anti-gun, anti-2nd Amendment Parkland school shooting survivor who became the media darling of CNN, MSNBC and every other liberal network, just got kicked to the side as his pro-gun counterpart, Kyle Kashuv, taught him a lesson in academics.

We’re proud of Kyle and continue to wish him great success. We need more young men like him to lead the way for future generations! reports:

Anti-Second Amendment voices have dominated the spotlight in the wake of recent school shootings. Student activists including David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez have become household names.

One of the messages pushed by Hogg and his allies is that adults have failed, and teenagers — conveniently led by him, of course — can do better at governing. In various interviews and statements, Hogg has implied that he speaks for an entire generation. But it turns out he’s just one voice in the crowd.

While some young activists have chased the spotlight to the detriment of their schooling, another Parkland student has taken a different approach. Second Amendment supporter and school security advocate Kyle Kashuv recently announced that he’s set to end the year at the top of his junior class.

“Got some good news! Ranked #1 in my class of 856 students. #WINNING,” the conservative student and classmate of Hogg announced Sunday.

A screenshot shared by Kashuv documented his 3.91 GPA, along with his position as the top 11th grade student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

He still has a year to go, but those grades will no doubt open some doors for the young man in his future endeavors — which is something Hogg had some trouble with.

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