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The “What If” Movie That Trump Showed Kim Jong Un Is Absolutely Incredible

President Trump is a master of negotiation, without a doubt. Part of negotiating is knowing the wants and needs of your opponent, and then showing them what making the right deal could mean for both parties. That’s exactly what Trump did while at the Singapore summit with Chairman Kim Jong Un.

This was perhaps one of the greatest sales pitches in modern history. Showing Kim what North Korea could possibly be (in the very near future) has to be nothing less than shocking and eye-opening for the once-hated dictator of the rogue nation of North Korea. Make no mistake — meeting in luxury hotels and venues in Singapore with all the finest food and entertainment available was Trump’s way of showing Kim how beautiful and prosperous capitalism can be.

The psychological effect the meeting (and the video) had on the rogue dictator probably left a lasting impression that, at the very least, has him thinking.

Read below and watch it for yourself, it’s truly amazing.

PJ media reports:

In the below tweet, President Trump explains to the press that he showed Kim Jong-un a propaganda video of the possible bright future for North Korea should they denuclearize and join the international community.

And below this, the video itself, showing two potential futures.

One future features missiles and images of the U.S. Navy, and the other shows medical breakthroughs, gleaming skyscrapers, and package-delivering drones. It asks Kim to picture being the hero of his people or being resigned to further isolation. It is, frankly, amazing.

“Which path will be chosen?” the video asks.

If this were a timeshare, personally, I would already have signed.

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