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The List Is Out… Trump Is Considering These 7 People For SCOTUS Pick

Perhaps one of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments to date happened early on in his Presidency — the selection of Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court bench.

Now, Trump has to make another selection on the heels of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the nation’s highest court, and we have the final 7 candidates that he’s considering for the job.

DailyWire reports:

President Donald Trump has reportedly narrowed his search to seven candidates to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, with the goal of naming a nominee on Monday, July 9.

NBC News reported late on Tuesday that Trump is considering: Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, Amul Thapar, Raymond Kethledge, Mike Lee, Thomas Hardiman, and Joan Larsen.

ABC News reported that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) contacted the president regarding his objections over nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who many top conservatives have warned “is too much of an establishment-aligned choice.”

“Trump’s list is full of great nominees, but Kavanaugh raises several concerns among libertarian and pro-life activists at a time when we need to be united,” said Wesley Denton, communications director for the Conservative Partnership Institute. Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro also noted that Kavanaugh has a few red flags that need to be taken into consideration.

Below are profiles of the seven candidates from Shapiro and Politico:

Amy Coney Barrett, 46:

Politico notes that the Notre Dame Law School grad is “popular among religious conservatives, she would be the fifth woman to serve on the Supreme Court.”

Brett Kavanaugh, 53:

​Politico reports that Kavanaugh was “appointed to the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006 by Bush, for whom he had previously served Assistant to the President and staff secretary,” and he graduated from Yale Law School.

Joan Larsen, 49:

Larsen is a Northwestern law grad and former clerk of Scalia.

Mike Lee, 47:

Lee is the mostly famous of the reported finalists, as he is one of the conservative leaders in the Senate. were he has served since 2010. Politico notes that he “clerked for Samuel Alito when Alito was a judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and worked as an Assistant United States Attorney in Utah.”

Amul Thapar, 49:

Politico notes that Thapar, “the first South Asian Article III judge,” was named by Trump to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2017 and “previously served as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky under Bush and was appointed by Bush to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky in 2008.

Raymond Kethledge, 51:

“Kethledge, who joined the 6th Circuit in 2008, has a resume with something rarely seen on Trump’s SCOTUS list: a stint on Capitol Hill,” Politico reports. “The University of Michigan law school graduate spent a couple of years as a Judiciary Committee counsel to former Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-Mich.) before heading across the street to clerk for Kennedy.”

Thomas Hardiman, 52:

Hardiman, a Georgetown law school graduate, was nominated to the 3rd Circuit in 2006 after spending a few years as a federal judge in Pittsburgh. “A 2007 ruling Hardiman wrote upheld the constitutionality strip searches of jail prisoners regardless of how minor an offense they were accused of. The Supreme Court later endorsed his decision, 5-4,” notes Politico, which also highlights Hardiman’s pro-Second Amendment record.

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