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Teenage Anti-Gun Marchers Just Gave The NRA a MASSIVE Unintended Gift

We always used to say that former President Barack Obama was easily the number one gun salesman every year he was in office. The fact that he wanted to take your guns made sure that law-abiding citizens bought as many guns as they could. Amen to that.

But now that teenage Tide Pod-eating zombies are out marching against the NRA, it’s having the same effect. And we’re sure the top guys at the NRA are loving every second of it!

DailyWire reports:

Over this past weekend, thousands of activists marched in Washington D.C. demanding radical gun control measures and vilifying the NRA and Republicans. However, if Google search trends are any indication, the efforts of the activists maybe backfiring.

As The Daily Caller first noted, Google searches for the term “NRA membership” spiked during the March For Our Lives gun control rally.

Data for the search term “NRA membership” dating back to 2004 reveals that searches for the phrase spiked higher over the weekend than it did even in response to the gun control push and campaign against the NRA after Sandy Hook.

As can be seen in the graph, the baseline interest in the NRA elevated at the start of the Obama-era and has remained at about the same level since, except after major school shootings.

The first major school shooting that pops up on the graph is the Sandy Hook massacre, which happened after former President Barack Obama was re-elected and the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress.

The second major school shooting that shows up on the graph is the Parkland shooting, and, as can be seen, searches for the term “NRA membership” smashed Google’s all-time records for searches for that specific term.

It’s worth noting that the deadliest school shooting in U.S. history, the Virginia Tech massacre, occurred in 2007, but as can be seen on the graph, there is no spike for the search term “NRA membership.” This is likely because the shooter used two hand guns rather than an “assault-style rifle” when he murdered 32 people, discouraging the Democrats and leftwing activists from mounting much of a gun control campaign.

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