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Suzanne Somers Infuriates Hollywood Elitist Friends With Surprising Trump Remark

Hollywood is a toxic liberal dump full of elitist snobs who concentrate so intensely on their public image and social life that they wouldn’t dare cross the line and praise a Republican president — even if it meant more job opportunities for them since the economy is flourishing right now.

No, that would be career suicide and very few Hollywood conservatives have survived the fallout of admitting they’re fans of President Trump. Needless to say, we were a bit surprised when legendary actor Suzanne Somers spoke out about the president in the most unexpected way possible.

And make no mistake, her Hollywood friends aren’t happy about it…

The Hill reports:

Suzanne Somers says although she may take some heat from Hollywood for saying it, she’s “happy” with the job that President Trump is doing.

“I’m happy about him,” the “Three’s Company” star told TMZ when asked about Trump’s first year in office in an interview posted Monday.

“I’m happy that the economy’s doing so much better,” the actress said with a smile.

Somers said in typically left-leaning Hollywood, she’s considered “very rare.”

“And now my career is over!” she exclaimed, laughing.

Somers, 71, has called her politics “very personal,” telling The Huffington Post in 2012, “I am an independent and vote the candidate, never the party.”

“This has been the most divisive of all the administrations that I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime,” the author and entrepreneur told Fox Business Network of the Obama administration in 2014. “And it’s become divisive in the industry that if you’re not part of the group, you should probably keep your thoughts to yourself.”

Celebrities who have publicly voiced support for Trump include “Charles in Charge” alum Scott Baio, Wayne Newton, actor Jon Voight, Ted Nugent, Antonio Sabato Jr. and singer Kid Rock, among others.

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