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Students Walk-Out Over Guns Again… This Time It’s For an EPIC Reason

Students Across The Nation Walk Out Of School In Support Of Second Amendment Rights

On Wednesday, hundreds of students from dozens of states participated in a walkout for gun rights and the Second Amendment. The event, called #StandForTheSecond, was organized by Carlsbad, New Mexico high school senior Will Riley.

When Jacob Airey of The Daily Wire interviewed Riley on Sunday, the student said:

The National Day of Action and March For Our Lives were student-led movements that obviously had a lot of help from gun control organizations and the media’s response was to call for more gun regulations while claiming that this is “for the kids.” But when I look around, I see hundreds of students who are signing up for our march who are not for gun control, especially when former Supreme Court Justice Stephens comes out and says we should just repeal the Second Amendment entirely. What the media is saying is a mischaracterization of my generation.

The reason we’re doing it as walkout, the (March For Our Lives) students received that as a platform from their schools. It was totally condoned, across the country, if not, then outright encouraged, and our movement deserves to have the same platform. We need an equal playing field or it’s viewpoint discrimination.

The TeaPartyPatriots organization helped Riley with the #StandForTheSecond walk-out. Their official website has an interactive map where students were able to sign up for the event. Additionally, the map allowed users to click on the schools at which walk-outs were planned, and offered necessary information such as the exact time of day during which the various walk-outs would take place.Students Across The Nation Walk Out Of School In Support Of Second Amendment Rights

During his interview with Airey, Riley stated that the walkout would last 16 minutes — one less than the anti-gun school walkout that took place on March 14.

It appears fewer students joined the #StandForTheSecond walkouts than did the March 14 walkout, or the “March for Our Lives,” which took place on March 24. This is likely due to the fact that those events were highly publicized, and took place just 28 and 38 days, respectively, after the Parkland shooting.

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