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Steelers Linebacker Taunts Fans Who Burned Their Jerseys With NASTY Message

Obviously the NFL has a massive problem on their hands when overpaid, over-hyped thug players taunt and mock fans for being angry about the national anthem protest. We’ve seen it happen with several players so far, and one more just joined the list.

Out of all the reporting we’ve done on these situations and for the protests in general, this one took us by surprise. Look what this NFL thug just told his former fans…

Breitbart reports:

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Vince Williams doesn’t care if fans don’t like players protesting the national anthem. In fact, he told fans who burned their Steelers gear, not to bother coming back.

During the Steelers Week 3 game against the Chicago Bears at the end of September, the team seriously botched its response to President Donald Trump’s criticism of the NFL for continuing to allow the national anthem protests.

Whatever message the team ultimately meant to convey seemed to get lost in the controversy it spawned. The Steelers had vowed to stay in the locker room during the playing of the nation’s song, but one player, offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva, came out on the field, anyway, hand over heart in respect for country and flag.

Villanueva’s move infuriated coach Mike Tomlin and the next day Tomlin forced the player to come out and apologize for “unintentionally” taking the field to honor the anthem and for “embarrassing” the team.

After that mess, fans responded by burning Steelers gear, boycotting Steelers merchandise stores, and vowing never again to return to Heinz Field to watch their once favorite NFL team.

To those fans, the Steelers’ Vince Williams apparently says good riddance.

Last Sunday, Williams jumped to his Twitter account to send a message to fans who burned their gear: “If you burned your s**t, don’t buy it back #bandwagonclosed.”

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