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Star NBA Player Slams NFL Kneelers With a Lesson In Patriotism

When it comes to matters of paying respect to our flag and country, and those who died so that we could remain free, a majority of professional athletes do their part by standing for the National Anthem and not protesting “social injustice” while on the job.

But the kneeling NFL players, who think they’re entitled to disrespect America while the cameras are on them, just learned a lesson from an NBA star who sent them a reminder about what patriotism truly means…

HotNewWhipHop reports:

Ben McLemore is back where his NBA career started in Northern California, Sacramento to be exact. The 25 year old shooting guard has undergone a sticky patch as critics continue to question his “confidence” for the pro game. The bar was obviously set high, he was a 7th overall selection by the Kings in 2013, and then without any sign of struggle he quietly disappeared after fulfilling his rookie contract. But in a twist of fate, Ben has rejoined the Kings in a bid to win back their hearts, after two years of middling on the Grizzlies depth chart.

TMZ caught up with Ben in Los Angeles but they didn’t talk ball. The field reporter didn’t even ask about Sacramento or any of the topics closely related to his career. In fact, the reporter spoke of the NFL and ESPN, and their decision to uproot the Anthem during broadcasts.

NBA players haven’t been asked to justify their action/inaction on political issues, because unlike in other leagues, NBA players are allowed, if not encouraged to protest social inequalities, so long as it doesn’t cause hindrance within the league. But Ben McLemore is not of the same opinion. His thoughts align more closely with those shared by NFL owners: “You should always represent our nation,” Ben says. “That’s how I feel. I think you always should.”

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