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Sports Expert: The NFL Should Be “Worried” About The XFL

Let’s think about this for a second. The NFL arguably had its worst year on record. Confidence has fallen from the general public because the league commissioner (Roger Goodell) and most of the team owners are scared of the players and allowed them to break the rules by kneeling for the national anthem.

The NFL, at this point, is looking almost anti-American — which even just a few years ago would have been a silly notion. But that’s the sad reality we live in now.

Fast-forward, and here comes Trump-supporting, America-loving highly successful entertainment tycoon Vince McMahon — a man who happens to cater to the NFL’s core audience. Below breaks down why many experts are saying the NFL has a lot to be worried about with McMahon’s announcement about the reemergence of the XFL.

We agree…

Breitbart reports:

During Friday’s “First Take” on ESPN, Will Cain brushed off the notion that the XFL will fail like it did the first attempt, arguing that the NFL should be worried this time around because the league is losing viewers while college football ratings continue to increase.

“The NFL should be paying attention,” Cain told moderator Molly Qerim.

He continued, “I know what sport dominates in America, and it’s the sport of football. Any threat to the NFL will come from within that house. If you want to see where viewers are going, where eyeballs are going: championship game down eight percent in the NFL, divisional round games down as low as 2009 in some windows, down as low as it has been in 15 years. And what’s happening at the same time? College football going up. Americans love football. That will be the threat to the NFL.”

Cain went on to explain that it would be wrong to bet against XFL CEO Vince McMahon, who Cain said has learned from his previous XFL venture that lasted only one season due to ratings.

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