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Solidarity: Women Band Together Across Nation In Strong Support Of Judge Kavanaugh

Judge Brett Kavanaugh, described as one of the brightest legal minds in the country and chosen to be a Supreme Court Justice, has been put through the wringer over the past few weeks as Democrats waged political war against him and his family.

One of their shady, disgraceful tactics has been to paint the Judge as an enemy of women everywhere… and while that might work with California and New York liberals, that’s not what’s being seen and heard around the country. Women have been some of the strongest voices in support of Kavanaugh — because they understand that false accusations regarding sexual assault are not something to be used as a political weapon.

Associated Press reports:

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — As the Senate is divided on President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, so too are women across the country.

Female voices have echoed throughout the U.S. Senate this week demanding male senators justify their support for Brett Kavanaugh’s U.S. Supreme Court nomination despite an allegation of high school sexual assault.

But other women have spent hours calling Senate offices in support of Kavanaugh, condemning what they saw as an anti-Republican ploy that’s damaged not only Kavanaugh’s reputation and livelihood but also his accuser’s.

To Hannah King, a college senior from Bristol, Tennessee, Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of a drunken attack by Kavanaugh at a 1982 party when both were in high school were jarring and scary. But while King expressed empathy for Ford, she also said she’s concerned about the timing of Ford’s allegations, which surfaced publicly only after Kavanaugh — already a federal judge — was nominated to the Supreme Court.

“It was too timely and strategic,” said King, 21. “Anything like that makes you question how true it is.”

Other women took to Twitter to express their support for the embattled Judge:

There are thousands of additional tweets written by women who express the same sentiment, including a large amount of prayers and spiritual support for Kavanaugh.

So the next time you see a media report about women across the country metaphorically burning Kavanaugh at the stake, don’t believe them… it’s simply not true.

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