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SHOCK: “America’s Team” Spits On Our Flag In Front Of Millions… The NFL Is Finished

Not 24 hours ago, we celebrated and cheered Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for taking a stand against pampered, multi-million dollar football players who think they’re “oppressed” by some kind of dangerous “racial injustice” plaguing America (while they eat $400 steaks for dinner and me, a middle-class white guy, gobbles down a bowl of generic brand mac and cheese).

Yeah, I feel super sorry for them.

Anyway, all eyes were on Monday Night Football to see how Jerry’s team would react to the National Anthem. We honestly thought there was a chance that players would be taken out of the game or something crazy happening.

Well, something crazy did happen, but it was 100% NOT what we thought. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones locked arms with his millionaire thug players and GOT ON HIS KNEES before the National Anthem played.


Folks, we’re going to leave it there. We’re too upset for further comment but just know this — today is the day football died in America.

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