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Secret Service Insider Says FISA Memo Leads Right Back To Obama’s Desk

The FISA memo, which could be released in a matter of days (hours?) looks like it’s going to wreck the Democratic party in ways they probably haven’t even thought of yet. Top lawmakers like Trey Gowdy and Paul Ryan — who aren’t known to exaggerate — have essentially hinted of multiple bombshells contained within the mysterious 4 pages of the memo.

But it’s what a former Secret Service agent recently said that should have Obama and all his former colleagues worried sick…

Gateway Pundit reports:

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino went on with Tucker Carlson on Monday night following the House Intelligence Committee vote to release the classified FISA memo.

Bongino confirmed to Tucker that only a dozen Democrats went to read the classified memo. 190 Republicans went to view the shocking memo before the committee vote on Monday.

Bongino told Tucker Carlson the investigation leads directly to the Obama Oval Office.

Dan Bongino: “It is not a coincidence that Devin Nunes who has an entire scope of what happened went back in March to the White House facility to read very specific intel that I think will very likely be in this memo. What am I saying by this? That the information was likely breached to Barack Obama. What does that mean? That means that this information was being used by Hillary and all of this other stuff that was in this dossier and all of this spying was probably being inserted into daily briefs by Barack Obama. Why else would Nunes have to go to the White House to read it.”

Tucker Carlson: “That makes sense and of course it was the Obama administration that pushed for the surveillance powers over the Trump campaign.”

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