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Sec. Pompeo Makes Move To Stop Migrant Caravan… Sends Them Devastating Message

Several key members of President Trump’s cabinet and top-level adviser panel have issued public statements on what the liberal media calls a migrant “caravan” headed north through Mexico with the eventual hope of arriving at the U.S. border to seek asylum.

One of the latest is Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo, who — after working with the Mexican govt. to stop this caravan in their tracks — issued a stronger than expected statement this week which should send a crystal clear message to the over 10,000 potentially illegal aliens marching toward the U.S. border.

Washington Examiner reports:

A migrant caravan traveling from Central America through Mexico will not be permitted to enter the United States, the top American diplomat pledged in “a message” for “this caravan or any caravan which follows.”

“You will not be successful in getting into the United States illegally, no matter what,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday. “I repeat: The caravan will not cross our border into our southern states under any circumstances.”

Pompeo has been working with the Mexican government and the United Nations agency responsible for refugees to arrange for the migrants to be stopped before they reach the Rio Grande. He challenged criticism that the Trump administration has taken a harsh line with refugees by lowering the number of annual admissions, but also defended a zero-tolerance policy for the current caravan.

“We are determined that illegal entry into the United States from this caravan will not be possible,” he said.

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