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School Girls Invited To Sing National Anthem… Then Things Turned UGLY

The kneeling for the National Anthem thing sort of faded away after the NFL ended its season and athletes began receiving hints that they wouldn’t be picked up by teams if they had a history of disrespecting the very nation that allows them to earn millions for tossing around a ball.

But it looks like two elementary-aged school girls might have just reignited a storm after they were invited to sing the National Anthem at a pro baseball game…

Breitbart reports:

Two young girls took a knee while performing the national anthem at Sunday’s Seattle Mariners game.

The school choir from Seattle’s Mount View Elementary School was invited to Safeco Field to sing the national anthem, but even as most of the kids stood to sing the nation’s theme, two girls took a knee:

The girls’ protest follows more than two years of controversy since former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick began protesting the anthem at the start of the 2016 NFL season.

A Mount View Elementary spokeswoman told HuffPost that the protest was an “individual act” by the girls. The district also noted that it “respects [their] First Amendment rights.”

The girls have not been identified, nor have their ages been disclosed.

While protests became ubiquitous in professional football, such displays have been more rare in Major League Baseball. Though, last season, the Oakland As’ Bruce Maxwell became the first MLB player to protest the country during the national anthem.

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