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Roseanne Reboot DOMINATES Television Ratings… Again

Can you even imagine how much regret every TV executive who turned down a conservative-friendly show has right now after seeing the success of the “Roseanne” reboot?

The great news for us is that Hollywood folks love money, so after seeing how well Roseanne is doing, it can only mean more family-friendly, conservative television content in the future.

Breitbart reports:

Roseanne isn’t just beating its competition on Tuesday nights, as the numbers show, it’s beating the competition every other night of the week as well.
Recently released delayed viewer ratings for the week beginning on April 2nd show that the Roseanne revival trounced its network competition by large margins in both ratings shares and total viewers.

According to Variety:

The episode of “Roseanne” airing during week 28 of the 2017-2018 broadcast season, which began on April 2, topped all of its broadcast competition with a gain of 2.4 ratings points. That brings the episode’s total haul to a 6.3. For comparison, it’s closest competition was “The Big Bang Theory,” which grew by a 1.6 to a 4.0 total.

The story was much the same in total viewers, with “Roseanne” growing by 43% to 22.1 million viewers total. “The Big Bang Theory” was again number two in the measure, reaching 17.7 million viewers after seven days of playback.

Roseanne more than doubled Grey’s Anatomy in the delayed numbers for the crucial 18-49 target demo. In addition to nabbing nearly 10 million more total viewers than the hit crime drama, Blue Bloods.

To put the dominance into even more context, last week’s edition of Roseanne beat out the season finale of The Walking Dead — a show which has been a ratings giant throughout almost the entirety of its eight-season run.

With numbers like these, it’s highly unlikely that ABC will let Roseanne Barr stop doing television ever again.

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