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Roseanne DESTROYS Lib Media’s Stormy Daniels Narrative With 1 Tweet

Roseanne Barr went on a tweet storm Thursday regarding the wall-to-wall coverage on CNN and other media outlets of Stormy Daniels.

“I am now ONLY going to tweet about STORMY DANIELS! THE most important story in the news today. Forget everything else! @johnnyargent,” the 65-year-old comedian tweeted to her followers.

“No one on twitter listens to anything. hey, Stormy Daniels changed her eye shadow! I’m outta here,” she added, before mocking the coverage and telling her followers to follow Daniels to “stay informed on what’s important in our country!”

The “Roseanne” star then retweeted a post from conservative activist Richard Armande Mills about what stories should be getting more coverage.

“Roseanne’s right! @StormyDaniels is more important than the Flint water crisis, the national debt, imminent peace with North Korea, the unemployment rate, homeless veterans, starving children..,” Mills tweeted.

She then took a swipe at CNN for their coverage of the adult entertainment star, calling Daniels “CNN’s big star attraction.”

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