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Roger Goodell Put On Notice… Pro-Flag Protest Outside His Headquarters

Even though the 2018-19 NFL season hasn’t even seen its first regular-season game, the rhetoric on both sides of the National Anthem debate is as hot as its ever been. More celebrities, from both the sports world and cinema, are coming out in favor of kneeling for the National Anthem — some, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — comparing it to the “songs of slavery.”

On the other side, heavy-hitters like President Trump are not shy about slamming the kneeling players on a weekly basis — calling for suspensions and fines if the players choose to disrespect our flag.

But more important than any celebrity or politician is the voice of the people. The (former) NFL fans, which number in the millions, who are sick and tired of watching overpaid, spoiled-rotten athletes disparage our troops, our flag and our great nation.

And they’re not going to be silent anymore.

Over the past week, a new Facebook page (and group) called “Boycott the NFL 2018,” has grown virally — filled with furious, patriotic Americans who think it’s disgusting that the NFL, which was once a great sports league, has morphed into a cesspool of social justice protesters.

The page recently created a protest event of their own — one that will send a message to the cowardly commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell. A message he won’t be able to ignore any longer.

The event is set for Veteran’s Day (November 11th) and the location is “NFL Headquarters” in New York City, NY. Obviously a vast majority of the country won’t be able to attend the protest in person, but they’re asking for supporters to check-in with the event in a show of solidarity.

The event was cleverly named, “Stand Up, Don’t Kneel” — which is assumed to be a play on the “Hands up, don’t shoot” slogan of the social justice movement that sparked during the Ferguson protests four years ago (which ended up being a false story, as the felon who was said to have his hands up didn’t, in fact, have his hands up in his confrontation with a police officer.)

But “Stand Up, Don’t Kneel,” has a much more important purpose — to tell Roger Goodell that the NFL is no longer welcome in the households and establishments of millions of American patriots.

The event is already gaining steam, with the organizers hoping that tens of thousands of ticked-off former NFL fans will join and support the movement. With your help, they can do just that.

Don’t be shy — head over to their page, join the event and share it among friends and family if you’re truly fed-up with the way the NFL is handling this out-of-control issue.

We have a feeling that Goodell and his top brass are going to be full of regrets this season after ticket sales, merchandise sales and revenue from sponsors goes straight into the gutter.



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