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REPORT: Syria Under Heavy Attack… But Nobody Knows By Who

Developing situation unfolding in Syria as multiple sources are reporting Syrian military installations are under heavy air attack after jets of unknown origin flew in from the direction of Lebanon.

The reports come on the heels of President Donald Trump’s not-so-veiled threat against Syria’s Bashar Assad after his forces allegedly launched another chemical attack on Syrian residents.

UPDATE: “#Syria: Syrian State TV has said they have downed 8-10 Israel missiles – unclear how many missiles Israel did launch. They changed the narrative from the #US to #Israel.

4:56 AM Syrian time
The #Russia/n Air Force #RuAF is highly active over the #Syria/n coastline”

Reports are also surfacing of cruise missile strikes potentially from US ships, but reportedly a Pentagon official has denied any attack.

BNO News reports:

A military airbase in Syria has been targeted in a missile strike, state-run media reports after jets or missiles were seen overflying Lebanon. It was not immediately clear which country is behind the attack.

The assault began at about 3:30 a.m. local time on Monday when residents in parts of Lebanon reported hearing loud booms and the sound of jets. One video showed a bright light moving across the night sky.

A short time later, Syria’s state-run news agency reported that the Tiyas Military Airbase (T4) in Homs province had been targeted in a missile strike. It said Syrian air defenses were responding to the attack.

There was no immediate word on casualties.

The attack comes just over a day after a chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta near the Syrian capital of Damascus, killing dozens of people and prompting speculation about the possibility of airstrikes by the United States or France.

Syrian state-run media said Monday’s missile strike could be part of a U.S. military attack, but an official at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. denied any U.S. involvement.

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