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REPORT: John McCain’s Senate Replacement Will Be… His Wife?

Sen. John McCain has held high office for a very long time. He even managed to fail at a few runs for the Presidency in that long span. But during that 36-year run, it appears as if Cindy, his lovely wife, had some political ambitions of her own.

According to reports, she’s set to succeed her cancer-stricken husband when he fully retires from the United States Senate soon. While it may surprise some of us, long-time McCain friends and family knew this was coming for quite some time, according to reports.

DailyWire reports:

If Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) dies in office, his wife, Cindy McCain, will succeed him, according to a new report from Washington, D.C. insider and veteran journalist John Gizzi.

Although no official plans have been made just yet — and Sen. John McCain is still well enough to remain at work — Arizonans with knowledge of the situation tell Gizzi and Newsmax that they fully expect Arizona’s Republican governor, Doug Ducey, to appoint McCain’s wife to finish out his Senate term.

I’ve always assumed that was the arrangement,” one “friend of the McCain family” told the outlet.

Another former Republican Senator reportedly agreed: “I don’t know if this [succession] has been formalized, but that’s what people who know John tell me.”

A third source allegedly told Gizzi that, while the governor is free to make his own choice, McCain’s wife Cindy is the “choice of Team McCain.”

In terms of the Senate, the choice makes sense. Several wives have succeeded their husbands into Congress after an untimely death, the most famous being Mary Bono, who was elected to fill the seat of her late husband, famed comedian and musician Sonny Bono, who died in an accident while skiing. Mary Bono served several terms in the House of Representatives before suffering a defeat in 2012. She now works with a D.C.-based lobbying firm.

Cindy McCain has been an active part of both her husband’s respective campaigns, and her husband’s tenure in the Senate (in addition to being a successful businesswoman in her own right) and she would likely be a natural choice, though McCain does have children who would be of an appropriate age to serve.

There are also separate options: a former Speaker of the Arizona House and several of the governor’s close aides.

For now, however, the succession plan is only speculative.

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