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Punk NFL Player Tells Angry Fans Team Doesn’t Care If They Get Booed For Kneeling

We’ve already seen one NFL player publicly mock fans who were no longer interested in coming to NFL games after teams repeatedly took a knee for the national anthem. He took a lot of fire for that comment — from fans who essentially pay his salary.

Now, another NFL punk has decided to mock the very fans who put steaks on his dinner plate and allow him to drive over-priced, fancy sports cars.

Third-rate Baltimore Ravens safety Lardarius Webb recently took to Twitter to let fans know that the team heard the fans’ boos, but couldn’t care less.

Of course, the tweet appears to have been deleted from his official Twitter account, but a screenshot of his Oct. 1 tweet is circulating across the internet.

“We ain’t deaf! We heard the Booing before the game. But we’re supposed to care,” Webb tweeted, followed by two crying-laugh emojis that put his last sentence into context.

In other words, the kneeling Ravens players literally couldn’t care less that you’re mad that they disrespect the American flag. And they appear to be proud of that.

What a disgrace. We’re not Baltimore fans, but if any of you readers are, we hope you take this into consideration the next time you want to attend a game.

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