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Prayer Warriors Band Together, Send Thousands Of Prayers To Judge Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh was attacked on personal levels by the Democrats that even by today’s insane standards would be considered below the belt — and just downright hateful.

But that doesn’t mean Kavanaugh and his family are alone… far from it, actually. Thousands of people in an online “Nationwide Prayer Request” have submitted heartfelt, powerful prayers of protection and healing for the Judge, his wife and his precious daughters.

We think this outpouring of support deserves attention and will hopefully inspire thousands of others to do the same. Kavanaugh has literally walked through hell during the past week, but if we all band together and use the power of prayer, we can guide him out of it.

While all the prayers we’ve read were amazing and thoughtful, below are some that immediately stuck out. Just amazing!

Go here to join the Nationwide Call For Prayer For Judge Brett Kavanaugh

I haven’t stopped praying for Judge Kavanaugh. He will be our next Supreme Court Judge. I also pray for Forde because she seems unstable-and is being used for political purposes! My heart goes out to her but especially for the Kavanaugh family who is being viciously abused!

Praying for Gods guidance in this families life and for protection from those making false statements and a healing for our nation. May the Holy Spirit wrap them in comfort and be with them every step of the way. Thank you Jesus in advance for answering our prayers

Dear Heavenly Father, hold your son Brett Kavanaugh and his family safely in the palms of Your loving hands and protect them from the wrath that swirls around them and our nation. Breath upon them Your peace. Let them sleep untroubled, secure in the knowledge of your Providence. Let them rise up strong each morning. Let them be comforted through the day by the love of all who hold them in their hearts and by Your everlasting love. Give them patience. And give all who ache for them and our country the knowledge of how to act to defeat the Evil that would deny this man, your servant, the rights you gave us and allowed us to secure through law. Thank you for Judge Kavanaugh’s service and example. Lift him up as a model of courage and righteousness to a people much in need of such a model. In this just cause, we humbly ask Your help, for we are surrounded by jackels and wolves, thirsty for blood, and we need Your guidance. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.

Father God this is about much more than this family that is being attacked – it is about an attack on our country’s values. I pray Your gracious and loving heart will not let this evil prevail. I pray no more harm will touch this man and his family – and they will have the strength to press on — a strength only You can give them.
I pray Your Protective Hand will deliver us all from the lies and orchestrated evil attacks on this family. Protect us from the forces trying to divide and destroy our country and those trying to destroy the Christian values our country was founded on. God, this family needs you and our country needs you. Please hear our prayers —-

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