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Postal Worker Reveals It’s “Impossible” For Obama, Clinton To Get Mail Bombs… Here’s Why

A great number of conservatives and Trump supporters are abjectly denying that the mail bombs sent to top Democrat officials were real, commenting on a number of flaws with regard to the bombs, packaging, and distribution methods.

And now, a retired United States Postal Service worker — who wishes to remain anonymous — notes that the USPS does not deliver mail to people with Secret Service protection, like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who received a pipe bomb in the mail.

“I am retired from the United States Postal Service, and I can tell you all the people that are claiming to have gotten these packages from [USPS] are totally full of s***! It would all go straight to the Secret Service detail’s office — not their home address! This is total bogus, especially for the Clintons, who we all know have [Secret Service]. Plus, as every has noticed, if it comes through the USPS, the stamps would be marked! Really pisses me off — why can’t a postal worker go on TV and clear that up for everyone!”

In addition to this statement by a former USPS worker, the CNN mail bomb has been called into question as well. One Facebook page wrote the following:

“This is the pipe bomb authorities say was sent to CNN’s offices in New York City.

1. No cancelled stamps on packages.
2. Insufficient postage to get them moving.
3. If no USPS processing, how’d end up in 2 states?
4. A pipe bomb in an envelope would be recognized; USPS people have training on that due to Unabomber case.”

This is a breaking news story — updates will be added as more information arrives.

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