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Popular Sitcom Joins Liberal Anti-NRA Bandwagon… Time To Boycott

You know, if these people on the left had a legitimate argument, I would be the first one to the table with an open mind and ready for dialogue. But unfortunately because of their literal lack of knowledge regarding firearms or how organizations like the NRA work, they’ll never be able to present a valid argument.

They’re literally clueless on the matter, yet still argue about it. It’s embarrassing.

And now, a popular network sitcom just jumped into the fray with a disgustingly anti-NRA narrative that will immediately cost them half of their already-struggling ratings. Let’s make sure to boycott this liberal, third-rate show no matter what.

Breitbart reports:

Stars from ABC’s hit comedy series Modern Family voiced support for the high school students in Parkland, Florida, campaigning for gun control and slammed lawmakers who put the “interests of the NRA ahead of what’s best for our children.”

“We sent our condolences and support to the students of Parkland,” actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson says in a PSA for the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety, one of the numerous left0wing groups that has co-opted the student movement. “And people everywhere fighting for common sense gun laws,” says Sarah Hyland.

“Your bravery and resolve in response to the senseless tragedy inspires us and gives us hope,” Julie Bowen adds, while the message is concluded with actors Ed O’Neill and Sofia Vergara saying, “That someday our lawmakers will stop putting the interests of the NRA ahead of what’s best for our children.”

“We will be right there by your side as Americans take to the streets on March 24th,” O’Neill said, referring to the March for Our Lives.

“We are grateful to have the cast of Modern Family join and support the students demanding change during this historic moment in the gun violence prevention movement,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, says. “Students across America are committed to changing America’s culture of gun violence, and we plan to support them all the way — and that includes throwing out lawmakers who refuse to work to reduce gun violence in our schools and communities.”

To be sure, the NRA is one of the most prominent voices for school safety and has even offered free training for armed teachers and staff, as well grants to help poorer schools acquire the kind of surveillance and protocol training enjoyed by wealthier school districts. Democrats and Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) have opposed arming teachers for school safety at every turn.

It’s also worth noting that Ariel Winter has bragged about her gun usage in recent months. On September 11, 2017, Breitbart News reported that Winter posted Instagram photos of herself holding a pistol and rifle. The Modern Family star was celebrating the fact that she has acquired a permit to purchase and use guns in California, and she suggested she was preparing for the “zombie apocalypse.”


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