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The NFL has a lot of work to do if it plans on even trying to win back its core demographic, which clearly bailed out early in the season in protest of the pampered, spoiled millionaire players who felt too “oppressed” to take a stand for the national anthem.

While liberal media outlets try to spin the ratings game, the numbers don’t lie. The NFL took a beating in the regular season and they’re taking one in the post-season, which has historically been their bread-and-butter.

Hannity reports:

The downward trajectory for the beleaguered National Football League continued into the 2017 post-season last weekend, with Sunday’s decisive afternoon match-up attracting the lowest television ratings for an early game in the previous five years.

According to Sports Media Watch , Sunday’s head-to-head game between the New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars posted a 27.3 rating, down from 27.4 for the same game last year and breaking record lows for the afternoon playoff game.

“The 27.3 is the lowest for the AFC Championship since 2015 (Colts-Patriots: 24.2) and the lowest for the early conference championship game since 2013 (49ers-Falcons: 26.1),” writes SMW.

The evening line-up cast even more doubt on the NFL’s prospects for a successful Super Bowl, with the Minnesota Vikings – Philadelphia Eagles game dropping 2.9 percent from last year’s totals; the second-lowest television audience for a late-game since 2009.

The National Football League has been hemorrhaging viewers for nearly a year as furious fans tune-out following months of professional athletes choosing to kneel during the performance of the national anthem.

President Trump thrust the issue into the national spotlight in 2017, urging all Americans to boycott the league until officials and owners require players to stand during the ‘Star-Spangled Banner.’

Breitbart reports:

If you’re the NFL this morning, looking at the ratings from Sunday’s conference championship games, chances are you’re mixing something extra strong into that morning coffee.
A regular season trend of declining ratings which then turned into a postseason trend of declining ratings, has culminated into a championship weekend of, you guessed it, declining ratings.

The early game on CBS, between the Patriots and the Jaguars, drew a 27.3 rating. While that’s only down a tenth of a point from the 27.4 rating that the Packers and Falcons drew in that time-slot last year, it’s also the lowest rated early game in the last five years. Bested only by a woeful 2013 early game between the Falcons and 49ers, which drew a 26.1 rating.

The late game numbers from the Vikings and Eagles, did not improve the situation for the NFL. Vikings-Eagles drew a 24.7 rating, a 2.9 percent drop from the 27.6 rating that the Steelers and Patriots drew last year.

It’s also the second lowest rating for a late game since 2009, surpassed only by the “Deflategate” between the Patriots and Colts in 2015.

Here’a chart provided by Sports TV ratings, which shows the early and late game playoff numbers stretching back to 2006:

The NFL has a chance to turn the situation around. The Super Bowl will feature the much-loved/much-hated Patriots, who hail from a major market; against a major market team in Philadelphia, that has at least a somewhat compelling story-line with backup quarterback Nick Foles at the helm.

Still, regardless of how well the Super Bowl does, there’s no mistaking the fact that the NFL has a serious problem on its hands when it comes to viewership.

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