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Pelosi Mocks Blue-Collar Americans Getting Bonuses From GOP Tax Bill

A growing number of American companies have announced generous (in some cases, life-changing) bonuses for their employees and attributed the incredible move to President Trump’s historic tax reform legislation. With lower taxes and a booming stock market — the American economy has never looked more healthy.

Since all of this good news transcends party lines and helps all Americans, one would think that politicians could maybe come together and help further the good fortune of Americans who recently received bonuses.

But, nope. Nancy Pelosi had something else in mind — like making fun of those blue-collar Americans who earned every last dime of that bonus…

Conservative Tribune reports:

Democrats are the party of the people — at least that’s how they constantly portray themselves. At the same time, Republicans are painted as greedy and mean… but recent comments from Democrat Nancy Pelosi make her sound like the bitter and spiteful one.

Several major companies have announced bonuses for employees either during the holidays or as permanent raises, and they’ve pointed to the Republican tax cut as the reason.

That apparently doesn’t sit will with Minority Leader Pelosi. The California lawmaker brushed off those raises, and seemed to mock companies and employees who are benefiting from the tax overhaul.

“A number of companies are attributing the tax bill for being able to give higher wages to their employees as well as being able to give a number of bonuses to their employees. How do you respond to that?” a reporter asked the Democrat on Thursday.

Pelosi sounded like she was channeling her inner Scrooge with her cold response.

“In terms of the bonus that corporate America received versus the crumbs that they are giving workers to kind of put the schmooze on is so pathetic. It’s so pathetic,” Pelosi whined.

Yes, the leader of the Democrat party believes that businesses giving raises to their employees is “pathetic,” and $1,000 bonuses during the holidays are “crumbs.”

It’s worth pointing out that Nancy Pelosi has a net worth that is reported to be upwards of $20 million, comes from a powerful political family, and has never held a job outside of liberal politics in her adult life. Maybe that explains why four-figure bonus checks seem like “crumbs” to her.

Incredibly enough, mocking bonuses for employees is actually softer language than Pelosi used when the tax cut was first passed.

Not long ago, the elderly Democrat called the Trump-backed tax plan literally the end of the world.

“The debate on health care is life, death. This is Armageddon,” Pelosi griped. “This is a very big deal, because you know why? There’s really a very hard way to come back from this.”

While Pelosi and others on her side of the aisle complain about “pathetic” raises, the economy is roaring — which is exactly the opposite of what naysayers predicted under Trump.

Countless media and political figures on the left preached doom and gloom if Trump was elected.

Instead, the stock market has been setting new records, and major companies have announced plans to lower costs, expand, and bring more jobs to the United States.

No wonder Pelosi is bitter. It’s hard to argue against success, yet that’s exactly what she’s trying to do.

If bitterness and mockery is all the Democrats have left, this year’s midterm will definitely be interesting to watch.

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