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Pelosi Humiliated By Fellow Dems During 8-Hour Immigrant “Filibuster”

Rep. Nancy Pelosi thought she’d be cool and give an 8-hour “filibuster” in an effort to force a vote on immigration. Not only didn’t literally nobody in America care, her own fellow Democrats struggled to keep interest.

It’s pretty sad when those who claim to be on her side in efforts to increase the number of unvetted illegal aliens in America can’t even maintain any level of interest in what she had to say. Talk about embarrassing!

How is this woman even still in Congress? Half the time she forgets who the current President is, which is beyond sad…

DailyWire reports:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi launched a “filibuster of sorts” on the House floor on Wednesday, and during her speech one of her colleagues appeared to doze off.

During Pelosi’s yawner of a speech, California Democratic Rep. Doris Matsui was caught struggling to stay awake multiple times.

Matsui’s first snooze, which was brief, came as Pelosi talked about the achievements of a DREAMer.


Matsui’s second snooze came when Pelosi shared the story of another DREAMer, right as Pelosi said, “In high school, I fell in love with computers and the internet, spending my senior year creating an online newspaper for my school.”

RNC Research tweeted out the second video, writing, “Even Democrats are tired of listening to Nancy Pelosi: Rep. Matsui dozes off during Pelosi’s filibuster on the House floor.”


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