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Patriotic Coal Miners Teach NFL Players a Lesson About The National Anthem

The Blaze

A group of coal miners from Mammoth, West Virginia, is gaining national attention after one of the men posted a behind-the-scenes video of what happened Tuesday before they went underground.

Mammoth coal worker Shane Wriston posted the video of his co-worker, Josh Stowers, belting out the national anthem as the men all stood, some with their hands over their hearts.

“There is no kneeling in this bath house …… we have daily Safety Meeting before every shift before these guys go Underground, and we appreciate [J]osh volunteering to sing after the meeting,” Wriston wrote.

The display of patriotism has been received warmly by Facebook users, many of whom compared the miners to the recent NFL national anthem protesters.

“They work all shift on their knees but they stand for this oh by the way they don’t get paid millions of dollars!!” said one Facebook user. “Thank you and all The Brave who do the jobs that are the core of our nation,” said another.

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