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Official: Senate Confirms Kavanagh To U.S. Supreme Court

It's finished.


To conclude the lengthy, controversial nomination process for President Donald Trump’s second SCOTUS pick, the United States Senate has officially confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

Formalities will begin soon and Judge Kavanaugh will officially be Justice Kavanaugh.

The final vote came to 50-48, with Lisa Murkowski voting neither for or against Kavanaugh, but simply marking herself “Present” — this, in turn, allowed Sen. Steve Daines to attend his daughter’s wedding without having to make a frantic, last-minute flight back to Washington D.C. to make the deciding vote.

Kavanaugh has been the center of numerous 11th-hour sexual assault accusations, which ultimately held up the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation process for two extra weeks.

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino made the following statement about the wild process: “Make absolutely no mistake, Donald Trump’s resolve to stick with Kavanaugh, despite the Democrat/Media complex’s ruthless assaults, stunned the Left and the media. They’re used to Republicans caving in. Those days are now over. There’s a new sheriff in town. #NewRules”

The game has changed and the political landscape will never be the same. With a solid 5-4 split on the Supreme Court, big legal battles will be won by conservatives for years to come. And with far-left Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being 85, a 6-3 majority could be a reality in the next few years depending on what she decides to do.

The Silent Majority will turn out to vote in the 2018 election — and many of these very patriots will be wearing the official “RED WAVE” shirt at the polls. Click here to get yours today — limited supply!

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